Urethane Dumbbells

Iron Grip Urethane dumbbells are constructed with precision-machined steel handles and drilled, chamfered and machined heads, which are welded together to produce a solid steel insert. This solid, welded design provides superior durability and maintenance free reliability. The insert is then encapsulated in durable, heavy-duty Urethane, so the dumbbell will not scuff or damage equipment, walls or floors.

Welded construction and an injection-molded exterior also allow us to make our Urethane dumbbells much shorter in length than bulky pro-style dumbbells. This compact design makes Urethane dumbbells much easier and safer to handle. They also feature our 12-sided, anti-roll heads with stable, flat, tip-resistant ends. Easy-to-read weight markings are permanently engraved and bonded into the surface.

Latest Innovations: Iron Grip Urethane dumbbells now offer our new patented handle design. The flared shoulders widen to a beefy 1 ¾´´ diameter at each end, adding strength and durability. The extra-wide ends also create a defined gripping area to provide the user with a secure, comfortable grip in the center of the handle. In addition, the latest generation of Iron Grip Urethane dumbbells now offers a sleek new textured finish. Even though we still use the same hard-wearing, American-made formula our urethane products are known for, this updated finish has been designed to better resist wear and tear, and keep your dumbbells looking new longer. Read more about the redesigned Iron Grip Urethane Dumbbell.

Iron Grip Urethane dumbbells are available in 5 lb. increments from 5 to 180 lbs., with 2.5 lb. increments available from 5 lbs. to 52.5 lbs.


What makes Iron Grip urethane superior?

Iron Grip led the way in urethane manufacturing technology to create the first fluid injection molding line for heavy parts such as dumbbells and Olympic plates. Over the years, we've perfected our proprietary urethane composition and manufacturing process to maximize durability and adhesion, and we continue to produce our urethane line in the United States to ensure strict quality control. We blend our proprietary urethane formula exclusively in our own factory, and rigorously test each batch for stability and consistency. Our many years of experience and technical expertise allow us to produce the strongest and most reliable urethane-encased strength products available.

Iron Grip urethane is not only highly impact resistant and shock-absorbent, but it also has a much higher tear strength than rubber, making it exceptionally durable. Our urethane coating also offers a unique, uniformly textured finish to better resist wear and tear and keep your equipment looking new longer.

Solid Steel Dumbbells

Iron Grip Solid Steel dumbbells are built by welding a precision-machined steel handle into a drilled, chamfered and fully machined head. The heavy-duty construction will withstand years of heavy use, and the resulting compact design is easier and safer to handle than bulky, bolted together dumbbells. The Solid Steel line is available with a durable black finish, with easy-to-read weight markings permanently engraved and painted on each head.

Iron Grip Solid Steel dumbbells are available in 5-pound increments from 5 to 150 pounds, with 2.5-pound increments available from 5 to 52.5 pounds.

Dumbbell Handle Options

Iron Grip dumbbells are available with your choice of standard straight round handles, comfortable contoured handles, or extra-thick XL® handles. All options feature Iron Grip’s heavy-duty engineered chrome that resists rust and abrasion.

Fixed Barbells

Fixed Barbells are also available, in Urethane or Solid Steel. Choose either our heavy-duty straight round bar or standard EZ curl bar, both priced the same. Barbells are available in 10 lb. increments from 20 to 110 lbs.

Customized dumbbells offer a great way to brand your club, and can enhance the presentation of any facility. For details visit our Custom Engraved Equipment.

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